Robert J. Neville Jr.

 Professional Profile


Highlights of Qualifications

·          winner 2007 Healthcare Heroes Award

·          winner 2006 TopCAT Award (Top Contributors to the Advancement of Technology)

·          Exceptional Talent for innovative problem solving.

·          Business oriented; able to understand and execute broad corporate policy.

·          Proven effectiveness in coordinating and teamwork.

·          Skilled in all phases of Software Development.

·          Skilled in both computer programming and database engineering



·          VB.Net

·          ADO.Net

·          ASP.Net

·          ORM

·          COM / DCOM

·          HTML 4.0 / DHTML

·          ADOL

·          VB Script  / Java Script

·          Visual Basic 3,4,5,6

·          Active Server Pages

·          C, C+++

·          Perl

·          Fortran IV

·          Algol

·          Cobol

·          Pascal


Software Applications

·          Leadtools

·          Microsoft Access 2000

·          Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000/2005

·          Microsoft Reporting Services

·          Microsoft Transaction Server

·          Microsoft Frontpage 2003

·          Adobe Photoshop

·          Infragistics

·          Microsoft Visual Interdev

·          Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

·          Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe

·          Microsoft Office

·          Abobe Acrobat

·          Oracle 8


Operating Systems

·          Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

·          Windows 95/ 98/etc.

·          Unix


Relevent Skills

·          .Net Architect

·          .Net Web Services Architect

·          Database Object Oriented Design

·          WEB Site Design


Relevent Experience

·          Document Management Systems

·          Healthcare Systems

·          Medical Lab Systems

·          Manufacturing Systems


Professional Experience

2001-2008            Columbus Children’s Research Institute, Columbus Ohio        Job Title: Senior Systems Engineer

2000-2001            Maxim Group Inc., Columbus, Ohio                                                 Job Title: Full time Consultant

1996-2000            Oce Groupware Technology Inc,Cleveland, Ohio                         Job Title: Senior Applications Engineer

1992-1996            Trend Servizi Srl, Mantova, Italy                                                         Job Title: Special Applications Manager

1984-1992            Atec di Robert Neville & C Snc, Brescia, Italy                                 Job Title: Software Applications Manager

1982-1984            NewComp Srl, Brescia, Italy                                                             Job Title: Technical Operations Manager

1980-1982            MicroComp Spa, Rome, Italy                                                            Job Title: Technical Operations Manager

1977-1980            6585th Test Group USAF, New Mexico                                            Job Title: Flight Test Engineer

1977-1980            Altair Computers, New Mexico                                                          Job Title: External Technical Consultant


Achievements 2006-1976


·          Designed and developed the COG Children's Oncology Group DocuSAM eRDES Electronic Document Support System

·          Designed and developed the COG Children's Oncology Group DocuSAM eRDES Automated Fax Routing and Barcode System

·          Designed and developed the Center for Childhood Cancer DocuSAM Automated Fax System

·          Designed and developed the Center for Childhood Cancer Molecular Genetics Lab Support System

·          Designed and developed the Center for Childhood Cancer DocuSAM Document Management System

·          Designed and developed the Center for Childhood Cancer Biopathology Center Information System

·          Designed and developed the Center for Childhood Cancer DataSAM metadata exchange SOAP System

·          Designed and developed the CCRI Core Technology (CRICT)

·          Designed and co-developed Internship Web site.


·          Designed and co-developed 3M Document Management System Custom Interface

to the Océ Engineering Exec Document Management System


·          Designed and co-developed Sunstrand Power Systems Drawing Automation System


·          Designed and co-developed General Electric Switch Gear Operations Document Distribution and & Dispatch System


·          Designed and co-developed Lockheed Martin New York Document Management System


·          Designed and co-developed General Electric Power Generation Document Management System


·          Designed and co-developed Parker Hannifin Air Fuel Division Engineering Document Control System


·          Designed and co-developed Newport News Ship Building Engineering Document Management System


·          Designed and co-developed McDonnell Douglas Engineering Document Management System


·          Member of the Design and Development Team of Océ Groupware Engineering Exec Document Management System


·          Design and development of Customer specified Software Document Management Systems for Océ Groupware.


·          Designed, developed and implemented a General Accounting Package which was distributed by Hewlett Packard Italy with Small Office Business Systems.


·          Designed, developed and implemented a Automated ordering system for Fiorucci Italy


·          Designed and developed a Data Retrieval System for the Milan, Italy Stock Exchange.


·          Design and developed object oriented Production Monitoring System with Quality control interfaced with the manufacturing Robotics System of the FPS Kelsey-Hayes plants part of the Ford Motor Company.


·          Designed and developed various software system for the following companies and organizations :


                Libbey Glass                                        Toledo, Ohio         - Manufacturing

                Norshipco                                             Norfolk, VA            - Ship Repair

                FAO                                                        Rome, Italy            - United Nations

                Milan Stock Exchange                        Milan, Italy             - Stocks and Bonds

                Fiuorucci                                               Rome, Italy            - Manufacturing

                FPS Kelsey-Hayes Spa                      Brescia, Italy         - Automotive

                Rodel Spa                                             Brescia, Italy         - Clothing

                Ford Motor Company                          Spain                     - Automotive

                Fox Research                                       Dayton, Ohio         - LANs

                Olivetti Spa                                            Torino, Italy           - Hardware / Software

                Tecnocasa Spa                                   Milan, Italy             - Real Estate

                Hewlett Packard Italy                          Milan, Italy             - Software

                Lifeboat Associates                            Milan, Italy             - Software / Lans

                Epson Spa                                            Milan, Italy             - Computers

                Face Standard - ITT                            Milan, Italy             - Computers

                Zenith Spa                                            Milan, Italy             - Electronic Weighing Scales

                Mantua Model                                       Mantova, Italy        - Hobby Model Manufacturer

                Trend Servizi Srl                                   Mantova, Italy        - Electronic Cash Register Systems

                Microsun Srl                                         Brescia, Italy         - Domestic Computer Controlled Heating Systems

                CerealCom Srl                                     Brescia, Italy         - Corn / Grain Wholesale


·          Designed and developed  2650ACS Ambient Control System with 2650 CPU


·          Z80 Development System RTI Real Time Interface with HP21MX which permitted a Z80 Computer System to work as Virtual Terminal in a RTE Environment.


·          Designed and developed RTDB - Real Time Data Buffer. This Hardware/Software System permitted Data Recording from IGS (Inertial Guidance Systems) and INS (Inertial Navigation Systems) that were undergoing Operational System Testing to evaluate their performance. RTDB was based on an extractable Bubble Memory cassette which could be removed from the system under test and taken to the main digital ground station were the full systems test was performed.


·         Designed and developed Interface of computer peripherals such as : CRT Terminals, printers, paper tape readers/punches, disc systems, memories and digital tape machines. Design using LSI logic such as FIFO's, decoders, memories (PROM/RAM), DMA controllers.


·         Design and development of a variety of software systems controlling the real-time interaction of hardware elements. Included are Data-Monitoring Systems, Test-Control Systems, information processing received from Data-Acquisition Systems.


Foreign Languages


                Italian                     write and speak fluently

                German                 read

                French                   read

                Spanish                 read





                Published numerous magazine and newspapers articles in Europe and USA concerning:


                The European BBS communities

                Hardware Reviews

                Data Transmission Techniques

                Information Processing

                Office management

                Computer Espionage

                Editor of a BBS Computer Newspaper The Opus Gazette in Italian




                2007 Healthcare Heroes Award


2006 Top Cat Award

Technology and Progress Award from Italian Government for work done with Italian Businesses implementing new technology in production.